Registration Services

The registration process includes the analysis, development and submission of the documentation required for registrations with the local authorities, of the following:

- Empresas
- Companies
- Active ingredients and Agricultural formulated products, Fertilizers and Household products.
- Food stuff products, Containers and Materials in contact with food
- Veterinary products
- Seeds
- Household sanitizing products
- Fertilizers, Organic amendments, Inoculants, etc.
- Adjuvants and Fitoregulators.

We offer overall registration services of agricultural and veterinary products. This service includes the dossier follow-up and submission of documentation aiming at facilitating and speeding up processes. We also offer assistance for the registration of foreign and local companies that wish to market their products within the Argentine territory and abroad, following all the necessary steps to achieve such benefit.

Research Services

Herbicides and Growth regulators
Herbicides and Acaricides
Fertilizers, Organic amendments and Inoculants

Assessment of activity on white organisms and on non-target organisms
Tolerance and Fitotoxicity
Registration reports in compliance with requirements of companies and laws
Assessment of application systems
Statistical experimental design
Pest Monitoring
Sample collection

Business and Management Services

Assistance to technical-commercial management and consultancy
Prospective strategy
Marketing - Sales - Purchases
Investigation and Development of products and markets

The Business and Management Service Area provides assistance to Companies in the adaptation process to existing market conditions REGISTROS AGROPECUARIOS can perform market and consumer studies and their interactions with the purpose of adopting elements for its clients' decision-making. The aim of market investigations is the study of issues related to production plans, advertisement and distribution in order to increase sales and reduce costs, and also the analysis of purchases, as a whole. Research and development: coordination in the private and public scopes of efficiency trials and /or waste under international protocols, with follow-up during the development and supervision of the corresponding analyses.

Complementary and Special Services

Environmental impact studies
Technical translations
Foreign trade
Brands - Patents - Intellectual property

Technical publications
Professional training courses
Advice on Environmental impact and Risk assessments
Technical assistance to the company support program (PRE) and medium and small businesses
Technical audits

Market Studies

Overall view of the Argentine agricultural market. Cultivated areas by crop and their development in the last years. Agricultural products export in volume and destination. Overall agrochemical market. Specific study market:

  • Evolution
  • Discrimination per line of product or specific product
  • Discrimination per crop
  • Main use segments
  • Registered products and active ingredients
  • Products and active ingredients in process of registration
  • Imports vs local production
  • Requirements and costs for the registration of active ingredients and formulated products
  • Forms of marketing
  • Strengths and weaknesses of products and/or market segments
  • Local formulation, main suppliers
  • Legal requirements
  • General advice

Excel sheets are provided for the study with information on the market and its evolution. A Word file explaining all evaluated parameters and technical, registration and/or commercial advice. In addition a Power Point presentation with graphs generated with all the information provided and the study conclusions is made ready to be presented before any audience. It can be provided in Spanish or English.